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Seeya Neighbor

Build a bridge between the silver-haired people and the old youth, so that reading is no longer lonely,
so that the small self into the big self, so that the whole society is ready for active aging in advance. Welcome to join us!

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Above and Beyond

Adhering to the volunteer spirit of "dedication, friendship, mutual assistance and progress",
we are committed to more volunteer activities for the elderly.

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Echo Elite

A new media MCN platform that focuses on social issues from the perspective of youth and disseminates diverse values is expected
to bring quality content output and form a demonstration effect and local influence of universities.

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Buildings Readable

Touch the building with the heart, experience the humanities with the heart, feel the history with the heart,
explore the story behind the brick and tile, so that more people understand those sealed history.

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We hope that through our efforts and efforts, we can create a more beautiful
and warm living environment for the elderly and make the society full of love and warmth.

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Coffee Talk

With "reading" as the medium and "sharing" as the core attribute, we will build a cultural communication bridge between
young people in colleges and universities and elderly people in communities, and use youth power to help urban active aging.


「Seeya Neighbor」, as the country's first focus on intergenerational communication and spiritual assistance for the elderly, is also the country's most extensive and largest aesthetic education team, with "reading" as the medium, with "sharing" as the core attribute, to build a bridge of cultural communication between college youth and community elderly, not only the university aesthetic education ideology and politics and social services, but also with the power of youth to help urban active aging.

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It has received attention and reports from many mainstream media such as People's Daily, China Youth Daily, Wen Wei Po, Learning and powerful countries, and has received more than 1 billion online exposure and more than 30 domestic and foreign awards. The project also received the focus of the United Nations Economic Development Agency's Youth Community.

Seeya Neighbor has three brands:

Seeya Neighbor

Mainly responsible for the development of offline activities, indoor reading sharing meeting and outdoor architectural reading series activities.

Flower Folks

They tend to social practice and research, visit ethnic minorities, investigate first-tier cities, and explore intangible cultural heritage.

Echo Elite

A new MCN media platform that disseminates diverse values and focuses on social issues, which is expected to bring high-quality content output and form a demonstration effect and local influence of universities.


Through reading, Citywalk, Countrywalk and other forms, we will create a new activity for young and old people to co-create reading Shanghai and walking in China, explore the cultural roots together, exchange life stories, immerse themselves in books, the world and life from different life perspectives, deepen the understanding of each other's life perspectives, and promote the establishment of inter-generational friendship.

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Animal Healing

The spring sun was shining down on the earth. Spring is the season for all things to revive, and it is also the best time for people to live in harmony with nature. In this context, we ushered in a unique activity - people pet harmony & old friends youth Campus Walk.

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Youth hero

Qingming season, cherish the memory of martyrs, feel heroic soul. Volunteers of Seeya Neighbor went to the Taofen Memorial Hall, with the support of the Retired Soldiers Service Station of Huangpu District, and visited with the martyrs and retired soldiers.

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Springtime Garden

The rhyme of life is always full of green. As Arbor Day approaches, comes wonderful "Seeya Neighbor" × "Super Silver Shape" springtime activities! The elderly and volunteers walked together in the sunshine, sharing the quiet and pleasant time of spring.

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Not Old Yet

"I'm too busy to get old. Even in my 90s, I still feel like I have a long life left." This conversation makes us understand what kind of perseverance and persistence can support the initiative of an octogenarian to read, contribute, write a book, and form a book club.

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Mystery of Medoh

Go into 6 villages, visit 8 Menba ethnic groups, talk to 10 veteran artists... The "Flower Folks" summer practice group of 11 young people crossed 3,000 kilometers and entered the border town of Metuo in the southwest corner of the motherland to visit the primitive minority villages in depth.

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Yuanwang No. 1

"Take reading as the medium, take public welfare as the opportunity", recall past times in the modern urban atmosphere... We breathe the same breath and share the same destiny with the people several decades ago, and talk about industrial development and historical inheritance in the same land.

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The camera records the beautiful moment of the event. Capturing the exciting pictures of those activity groups, leaving precious memories for everyone.


Serving more than 50,000 elderly people nationwide

Exposed more than 1,000,000 times by media channels at all levels







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Multi-disciplinary background team combination to promote complementary advantages and resource sharing